5 Top Tips When Going On A Safari Package To Africa

If you’re planning your first Safari tour in Africa then you probably have a few questions. And, rightfully so, the thought of being surrounded by wild animals in a country you know absolutely nothing about can be daunting too say the least.

It will not matter how many pictures you take to show those back home, the first time you see an elephant approaching your safari vehicle will be an unforgettable experience. Or if you’re lucky you will see a lion take down its kill right in front of you. It is however very important to note that not every moment of your trip will be filled with action in the bush. You may find yourself driving around for hours without seeing anything so always be prepared for either situation.

You should make the best of your safari packages to Africa, no matter what so here are a few very special tips to remember before you set out on your African adventure for the first time:

Be flexible with your time:
As much as we all want to see the Big Five every time we get onto the back of a game drive vehicle this probably won’t happen. Each game drive is different and the animals are unpredictable. You won’t find them in the same place every day. There will be days when you will see many sights and there will also be days when you might not see anything at all. Also, be prepared for any weather conditions. One day you may experience all day sun while the next day could be rainy and windy. Make sure you also pack insect propellant. Nothing could be worse than being covered in mosquito bites.

Always listen to your guide:
Do not leave the game drive vehicle! Let’s repeat that one, do not leave the game drive vehicle! This is for your own safety. You are in the wild, the animals are unpredictable at all times because they are wild. The rules laid out are for the protection of tourists. Many of the animals are masters of camouflage, you may not see them coming, but they will see you. Never approach any wild animals, this includes elephants. Do not hang out of the game drive vehicles, the big cats in Africa are extremely fast and can attack in seconds. Many animals may seem calm in the wild but they remain unpredictable.

Always ask questions:
A knowledgeable guide won’t hesitate to answer any questions you may have. The more questions the ask the more you stand to learn from your trip. Encourage children to also ask questions, very often they will ask questions which you as adults would not have thought of.

Request to stop:
Do not be afraid to ask your guide to stop if you think you may have spotted something. Many guides will be more than accommodating for requests to stop, even if it is for just one more picture of the Impala you saw. Always remember that your guide has been assigned to you to make your experience in the African bush a memorable one.

Snap away:
There is no shame in capturing 30 photographs of your first giraffe. Make sure you have additional batteries and memory cards packed in for your camera. You won’t want to run out of space or find your battery has died when you come across that leopard.