Caring For Your New Kitten

It is essential to feed kittens every 3 – 4 hours which is almost like feeding human babies. Ensure that you have plenty of free time available for at least four weeks should you adopt a kitten that was found abandoned. Once they reach 4 weeks of age, you can begin to wean them. This is achieved by lengthening the amount of time between each feed as well as adding kitten food that has been moistened to suit their diet.

The period for fostering a kitten is usually two to four weeks although this depends on their health, age and also their weight. Should you agree to fostering kittens, it is essential to agree to keep them for the whole duration.

Beginning at three weeks of age, a kitten is persuaded by the mother to begin eating other foods and to end suckling. Once the kitten reaches four weeks of age, it should be being fed mostly a mixture of gruel. This gruel can be made by mixing together replacement formula for kittens with good quality dry or wet food for kittens together with warm water. The consistency should be that of oatmeal. With dry food, it must be almost soft before being used so it might have to soak in the replacement formula and water for a bit first.

Kittens will start using a tray with cat litter once they begin to eat solids around four weeks. The litter tray must be put into the pen close to the kittens and must be kept thoroughly clean. Good quality litter for kittens should be placed in the litter tray as it will be harmless should it be nibbled at. Cats and kittens are clean naturally and therefore no other training to use the litter tray will be necessary.

Ensure that your kitten does not go outside for at least one week once the first vaccination course (depending on the type of vaccine), which is given around thirteen to fourteen weeks, is completed. As soon as your kitten’s vaccines are completed and it is accustomed to your home, you can allow the kitten to venture outdoors. Try and do this on a day it isn’t raining if possible and also select a time that is quiet, then allow the kitten to go with you outside to explore its new surroundings. It is best to escort your kitten outdoors until it is familiar with the garden and won’t get lost. Ensure that you don’t allow your kitten outside on its own until it’s about six months of age.

Formulas for milk replacement are made especially for baby animals that have been orphaned. A number of these formulas are appropriate for kittens and also puppies, but others are made specially for feeding young, active felines. Once your kitten reaches four weeks old, it will still be getting its nourishment from this formula as well as the homemade gruel. This replacement formula for kittens may be purchased from multitude of grocery shops, big-box stores as well as stores selling pet supplies.