Tips On Choosing A Sporting Vacation

Dynamism and physical activity are the fundamental requirements of a real sporting vacation. Sport enthusiasts are often looking for an active vacation with lots of physical activity as well as well-being for the body and the mind. One particularly sporting destination ins the Adriatic Riviera in Italy, which offers beautiful terrain, handy facilities and pleasureable climate perfect for an active break.

Doing physical activity on holiday is also the special mission of some hotels created for sport lovers. From triathlon to bike racing, these hotels propose the active vacation and ensure that all sports requirements are satisfied.

The hotels on the Adriatic Riviera offer four ways of practicing sport while on holiday – cycling vacation, MTB holiday, triathlon holiday, open water swimming break – the posibilities are endless.

The hotels for sport lovers offer targeted services for each type of vacation. Hotels for riders and bike services for road racing vacations and mtb holidays: technical devices, specialized guides, cycling-tourism tracks, and participation in the numerous biking races arranged locally.

These are the bike centers with bike storage room, pre and post-training buffet, minibus service, cycling itineraries (maps of the travel plans in the inland location) picked and divided according to level of problem. There’s also technical assistance, tailor-made bicycle hir, fitness and massages and laundry service.

For the triathlon lovers, there are special cycling/swimming/racing tracks to train every body part and experience the adrenalin of sport at 360 degrees.

The service for triathlon are bike centers, bike guides, swimming pools and running tracks.
The hills over Riccione, for instance, are particularly suitable for biking and the Province of Rimini can provide cycling-tourism maps that will assist bike enthusiasts.

For those who seem like “fishes”, Riccione offers the opportunity of swimming in the heated swimming-pool with swimming instructors. The swimming services are large Olympic-sized swimming pool, advanced swimming lessons and bathrobes and towels.

In addition to all this, the spa treatments, from massage to sauna, are the very best way to relax the muscles after the tiring sports activities.

The Adriatic Riviera and the Hotels in Riccione are the perfect combination for sports people who, while on holiday, want not only to enjoy the landscape, the food, the beaches and the entertainment provided by the city, however also and, first of all, want to keep in shape through the numerous opportunities of doing activities.

This type of vacation is extremely popular in Italy and every year a lot of biking fans pick a bike holiday to eperience the best of sport and nature.

Italian Regions have a great deal of biking itineraries, from the mountain to the sea. Visitors can also take part in races and events such as the Nove Colli, which is one of the most famous race that offers fame to Marco Pantani. An Italian bike holiday could provide a total sport filled vacation with activity, emotion and fantastic scenery. More holiday tips can be found on this travel blog site.