Tips On Where To Buy A Puppy

A lack of compulsory welfare standards for breeders of dogs as well as the failure to stamp out breeders who are unscrupulous, has made it viable for backyard breeders and puppy mills to carry on their operations unhindered. Dogs kept in these facilities end up staying in small cages, having no quality of life or veterinary care. They are therefore unable to exercise, play, socialise or have contact with humans. It often happens that puppies kept under these circumstances have already formed long-term health and behavioral problems due to the bad conditions they’re bred in prior to finding a home.

Should you be unable to locate the breed of dog you are seeking, it would be best to contact a reputable dog breeder through a breeder directory. Although you may have to join a waiting list for the puppy you’d like to purchase, it would be best to do so and know that you will have purchased your puppy from a breeder who is reputable.

Just exercise caution when looking for breeders as there are a fair number of breeders who claim to be ‘registered breeders’. This does not offer you a guarantee but simply means they have registered their business with the council which could have little relevance as to the health of the animals they are caring for. It is still best to be cautious even when the breeder you find is a member of a breeder’s organisation or association. Even though these organisations have guidelines and rules in place for their members, just because they are ‘registered’ doesn’t necessarily signify that a breeder adheres to or meets the correct animal welfare standards.

Breeders of dogs around the country have found that the website known as is the best site for puppy sales. In excess of thirty-five million visitors will see an advert every month due to the website being optimized as it uses cutting edge technology. Additionally, your advert will appear on over twenty-five classified websites which include MySpace, Facebook and Wal-Mart classifieds. Try it out and allow the results to speak for themselves.

These days it is understood that not everybody has enough room for a big dog. Another website called PuppiesForLove, focuses on small dog breeds for discerning buyers. Both the parents and puppies are cared for individually, receiving the very best care even prior to their birth as their mother is separated and placed in a private suite. After birth, the puppies are closely monitored to ensure that they are eating properly, that their tails are docked, ears cropped and dew claws removed, all done in accordance with breed standards. Deworming occurs every 2 weeks and vaccinations are started once the puppy reaches 8 weeks of age and will be given until they go to their new family.